“What Others are Saying”
Stop Surviving Start Living

Dear Rabbi Shafier,

This Shabbos I read your excellent book and I HAD to share my reaction with you: I will iy”H be buying copies for all my married children and for others. It is a gift to today’s generation. The mechabar of Mesilas Yesharim would be sooo proud of how you brought his words to life. Thank you.

– Sarah Birnhack

Hi! First and formost thank you. I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me, and for giving me hizouk. I’ve discovered your website after reading your book “Stop Surviving Start Living”, which by the way was an excellent read, and which I never tire of reading again and again. Then I’ve been hooked up to the weekly short Shmuz on Parsha (excellent for the Shabbos table) since then I always have something to say on the parsha on Shabbos (instead of talking divrei chol on Shabbos). Then, as it is written, a mitzva leads to another. Anyway, my point here is to tell you that all your teachings have had a tremendous effect on me, and I’m really grateful for that. May Hashem grant you and all your family everything you need to continue inspiring, uplifting, and being mehazek people around the globe.

– Joseph M.

I am a HUGE fan of The Shmuz – especially of Stop Surviving Start Living! I recieved the book when Rabbi Shafier spoke in camp and all I have found in the book is reality and clarity! It uncovered so many secrets of my life! I lent it to my friend and she didn’t want to give it back to me until she got her own copy! 🙂

Thank You, thank you, thank you!

– Tobi S

Hi, I just read through your book, “Stop Surviving, Start Living.” I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the book was and how it changed my life. It actually made me do a few practical things, so as not to “waste my life.” Besides for just finding the book meaningful, I actually went and deleted every non-Jewish movie and music file I have, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but this actually gave me the push to just do it and stop wasting my life.

– Anonymous

I wanted to express my gratitude to the shmuz. For the past year and a half I have been avidly listening to your shmuzen. I have your bitachon workshop which I listend to over and over in the car as well as and mp3 player which I listen to at any opportunity. In addition, I have read your book Stop Surviving Start Living and listen to many of your shiurim as they were given via the live feed. I really felt it was making an impact and helping me through life’s normal ups and downs, but it wasn’t until now that I realize just how much it did for me.
The past month has been quite rough and stressful to the extent that I lost track of time and couldn’t even remember how old I was when someone asked. Yet somehow, I have never felt Hashem to be closer. My gut reaction was to call out to Hashem and I have seen Hashem’s intervention at every turn throughout. I really think that the perspective I have gained from listening to your shmuzen has made it possible for me to understand and see this, and although I currently am unable to show my appreciation through a donation, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.

– Eliana H

I initially became familiar with The Shmuz while driving down to Florida with my brother in law. I enjoyed the clarity with which you spoke and the no garbage attitude. Judaism wasn’t a sale. However, I never followed up with it as I was pretty low on the totem pole at the time. Back here someone suggested I check out your site, and so I did. At about the same time I “happened” upon your book “The Shmuz on the Parshah” in shul one shabbos, and decided to check
it out. I enjoyed it, and so I bought the 3 books you have out to date (as far as I know), one of them being “Stop Surviving, Start Living”. I just finished that book Friday Night (began it last shabbos), after a long and difficult week where I was in a kind of fog. The past 2 weeks were the most difficult since I have returned. However, when I read your book, Stage #2 of my redemption (cliche’ eh?) began. I read the last part, about my own funeral with tears in my eyes. So many more things clicked. I have been struggling to find my purpose on this Earth, and I realized it Friday Night. I actually don’t remember what caused it, but it was something I read in your book. For that I am extremely grateful. Shabbos was invigorating, and now I start a new week, fresh and clear-minded.

– David A.

Dear Rebbe,

I recently read your book, “Stop surviving, Start living”. I really enjoyed it, it was a good resource for me. I am a Jew who currently lives in Israel and is moving back to Milwaukee Wisconsin and I am currently returning to the path of Judaism. Thank you for writing that book.

All the best,

– Jesse

Dear Rabbi Shaifer, shlita

Having listened to many of your shmuzin, I read your book, Stop surviving.. yasher koach, a job well done. It is well written both in content and delivery.

May you contiued hatzlacha in your limud hatorah, harbasos hatorah, and bracha and hatzlacha in ruchniyus and gashmiyus.

– Rafi A.


Thank you so much for your Shiurim I am inspired from your shiurim and I share that inspiration out here in the West..

My favorite so far and I and my wife have taught this is “Stop surviving start living”

– Menachem T.

I’ve just downloaded The Shmuz for iPhone. I can’t wait to use it. Please feel free to add me to your mailing list and be in touch with opportunities to support The Shmuz.
In addition, I love your book, “stop surviving, start living”!! It’s so inspirational!!

– Shimi F.

Your book ‘Stop Surviving and Start Living’ was great. You have a gift of making deep but basic hashkafos relevant and relatable. May you go from strength to strength.

– Nesanel S.

Rabbi thought you would like to see this endorsement. Yasher Koach!
Dear Ivan,
Maybe you received this already, but I thought that it would interest you. I really enjoyed the book Stop Surviving, Start Living and have so far read it two and a half times. I keep getting more from it. Thank you
so much for the beautiful gift in your father’s memory and merit
for his neshama.

– Ellen G.

I must admit, I was in the opposite side of the raw. After reading so many books in my life, last month I bought “Stop Surviving, Start Living” in Spanish and first of all, I couldn’t stop reading it, very real, very crude, but very special. One of the best books I will ever read. It really pushes you to chance your life. Thank you Rabbi Shafier. May Hashem pay you, your family with Olam haba.

– Robert

Thank you so much. I have never read anything so amazing. I bought your book start living. It gave me a lot to think about. I have recommended it to lots of people. Many thanks Gut shabbos

Thank goodness there were 4 copies of your book at my son’s home over Pesach. It gave us a chance to read and review your excellent book. As a lay person I thoroughly appreciated your style of writing that addresses people like myself who do not have the day school background. Keep up the good work!

– Sarah Birnhack

Rabbi Shafier,
Your book is not a book – it’s a sefer! I spent chol hamoed riveted to it. I am chazering it over and over now and all I have to say is wow, what a game changer it is for me. I mean, I daven and learn every day and think of myself as a yid who wants to grow. But once I understood that “I” am going to be in existence forever even when I leave my body, I am beginning to look at life very differently. I never really understood what exactly my neshama is in relation to “me”. I now understand that I am not my brain, “I” am my neshama that feels, thinks and will be forever what I make of myself while I am in my body. Wow! I made my wife read it and we both feel like different beings. It’s unfathomable that I would have gone through life and that when the time comes for me to die, I will be zapped into an awareness that I simply did not know about during my bodily existence – and then it will be too late. I am definitely going to devour all your material now.
In addition to a supporter of your written works, I’ve become a financial supporter so that you can continue this holy work. I just contributed $100 and committed to $25 per month. I will bl’n try to give more though.
Yasher koach and may the Eibishter give you the koach to continue educating people about what life is really about!

-Akiva B.

Dear Rabbi,
I’ve just spent the weekend reading your fascinating book ‘Stop surviving stop living’ and want to express my gratitude immediately.
I had been thinking a lot recently about the purpose of life and was delighted to see this addressed and explained in such a clear and engaging way.
I especially enjoyed Chapter 9 “The Gym And The Spa”- the analogy really ‘hit home’ and gave me a new perspective on the two worlds.
I hope to internalize the treasures you have shared and be able to live my life accordingly.
Thank you so much for changing my life in such a profound way.
May Hashem reward you and your family with blessings in abundance.

– Chana K.

Hey Rabbi,

I wanted to say thank you for this most wonderful book. I loved the style it was written in, short and clear sentences, followed by further sentences to explain the same things in different ways.

I learnt a lot from the messages of the book. Although the point you explained how this world is just temporary is not a new idea to me, I have never read it in this perspective and am in need of hearing, (and further, living,) this thought at this time. You explained why we are pulled to do things in such an apt and applicable way – with the animal and spiritual soul creating the “I” – and this helps me to understand a lot.

After finishing this book, I downloaded some of your shiurim, and have to say, that although before listening I was skeptical, after listening to one on the sefira, I am left suitably impressed and look forward to listening to many more.

Thank you! May you be zoche to continue to help many others.

– Rochel

Hi, I’m a yeshiva bochur who has listened to many of Rabbi Shafier’s shmuzim. I love them to no end and I have gotten many of my friends to listen too. There are no words that can show my appreciation for all that you do for klal yisroel. I would also like to take this time to thank rebbe the writing the book called “stop surviving start living” it really changed my brothers life, and that’s what got me into rebbe’s shmuzim.

Thank you,
A follower forever.

Hi Rabbi Shafier, Firstly, I would like to thank you for your inspiring Shiurim and your fantastic new book! I feel that your Shiurim have really deepened my understanding of Yiddishkiet and made it more real.

– Gershon F.

Dear Rabbi,
I just finished your last cd of the new book “Stop Surviving Start Living”. It is great! I can say it is like a chazoreh of all your 200 shmuzen in a nutshell. Thanks a lot- the piece about the funeral home is really scary- wow! Hashem should give you long life and health and Kol tuv

Hi, I am a bachur in Yeshiva and I would like to thank you for your most wonderful work and I like to believe that I am your biggest fan ( I know that sounds like something a 5 year old girl would say but don’t be fooled, I am 20 years old). I have read 2 of your books, “Stop Surviving, Start Living” and ” Finding and Keeping Your Soulmate”, and recently started listening to your shmuzen. I want you to know that you have greatly impacted my life in a way I cannot express in words. You speak about great topics that really get me thinking and for all of that, again, I thank you.

I just finished “Stop Surviving, Stop Living” on Friday Night (began it last shabbos), after a long and difficult week where I was in a kind of fog. The past 2 weeks were very difficult for me. However, when I read your book, Stage #2 of my redemption (cliche’ eh?) began. I read the last part, about my own funeral with tears in my eyes. So many more things clicked. I have been struggling to find my purpose on this Earth, and I realized it Friday Night. I actually don’t remember what caused it, but it was something I read in your book. For that I am extremely grateful. Shabbos was invigorating, and now I start a new week, fresh and clear-minded.

– David A.

Dear Rabbi Shafier,
Thank you so much for such an incredible book/series!!! I know a girl whose whole life was turned over by such an incredible book!

Hello Rabbi. You probably receive loads of emails thanking you for your help but I figured one more is needed from me. My name is Moishe and a friend lent me the book stop surviving start living over a year ago. At that time I was using drugs heavy and I think I hit rock bottom. Until I just figured I would open your book out of interest. My world changed. It opened my eyes in a way I can’t describe in words. I’ve streamed most of your speeches on the app, again and again. Your clarity helps me meditate and relieves weights off my shoulders. I’ve been sleeping for a long time and I never knew that talking to G-d is the answer. What I have learned from you has increased the positive energy in my life by a million tonnes. My deepest gratitude for helping me so much even though I’ve never met you. Anyway, I just needed to say that I thank Hashem so so much for sending you to wake me up.