Two Worlds One Chance

Finding Meaning and Purpose in a World Transformed

There is one simple yet fundamental question every human being feels the instinctive burning desire to answer:

“Why am I here?”
“What’s my purpose in life?”
“What’s the meaning of it all?”

It’s incredibly difficult if not impossible to live a life of purpose without the answer,

yet most people struggle to find it.

Set in dialogue between a Rabbi and his former student – a young lawyer facing a life-altering challenge – “Two Worlds, Once Change” takes readers on a journey to discover the true meaning of life from a Torah perspective.


From the Introduction…

Little children are so curious. They are always asking, Why this, and why that? Why is the sky blue, and why is there sand on the beach? Why, Why? Why?

Isn’t it sad that when we grow up, we stop asking questions? It isn’t so much that we know all of the answers. It’s more that we lose hope that there are any. In truth, some “why” questions aren’t that important – and others don’t seem to have answers we can understand. However, the one “why” that a thinking, intelligent, human being can never stop asking is, why am I here?

We go about life with plans and goals: I will live here. Get that job. Marry that sort of person. We have it all worked out. Yet, why do it?  Forget philosophy, forget religion; one simple vital question demands an answer: What am I doing here? Why did God create me?

Find Answers to Life’s Toughest Questions.

Unlock your Potential.
Live a Life of Purpose.
Who Is This Book Perfect For?

  • The knowledge-seeking Jew frustrated by a seeming lack of satisfying answers to their tough “life” questions
  • The yeshiva bochur or post-seminary girl who feels like they’re just going through the motions
  • The observant Jew searching for deeper meaning and understanding
  • YOU!

Here’s What People are Saying about
“Two Words, One Chance: Finding Meaning and Purpose in a World Transformed”

“Finally, a book that has better answers than questions…Touches almost all areas of basic Judaism…I recommend this book to everyone…It will bring you laughter and tears, sometimes on the same page!”
– Rabbi Boruch Davidowitz, Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York

“Thought provoking and entertaining.”
– The Jewish Press

“One of the best books that I have ever read!”
– Mark G. (Oak Park, Michigan)

“Using a down to earth, practical approach, “Two Worlds, One Chance” introduces many of the Torah’s concepts of life and living, concepts that everyone assumed we should know, yet somehow we may never have formally addressed.”
– Dovid S.

“Provides serious answers to major life questions.”
Moshe K.

“Great book! Easy to read!”
– Avraham B. (Brooklyn, New York)

A Preview from Chapter 3 …

Appreciating Our Wealth

Imagine a man who, at age thirty-five, becomes blind. For the next ten years, he does his best to reconstruct his life, but now without sight. Being a fighter, he struggles to create a productive life for himself, and in a real sense he succeeds. One day, his doctor informs him of an experimental procedure that, if successful, would enable him to see again.  He is both frightened and exuberant. If it works, he regains his sight. If it fails, he might die.

He gathers together his family to talk it over. After much debate he announces, “I am going ahead with it.”

The operation is scheduled. The long-awaited day arrives. Paralyzed with dread, he is wheeled toward the operating room. He is sedated, and he sleeps through the ten-hour operation. When he wakes up, his first thought is to open his eyes. He prepares himself for the moment when he will find out how he will spend the rest of his life. He musters his courage and flexes his eyelids…

What Others are Saying about Previous Shmuz Books

I will iy”H be buying copies of “Stop Surviving, Start Living” for all my married children and for others. It is a gift to today’s generation.

– Sarah B.

You have a gift for making deep but basic hashkafos relevant and relatable.

– Nesanel S.

I just finished reading “Stop Surviving, Start Living”. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the book was and how it has already changed my life.


Shmuz Stats

Shmuz on the Parsha sold over 20,000 copies

Stop Surviving Start Living sold over 50,000 copies

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